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 You are just 5 WORDS away from powering up your personal brand using your personal style.

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Whether you’ve already got an online presence for your small business (or you’re just starting out building one), you’ve come to realise your image plays a powerful role in capturing your ideal client's attention and telling them more about you and what you're all about.

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You + The 5-Word Style Manifesto = Everything you need to get started with increasing your influence & impact.

Using The 5-Word Style Manifesto to power up your personal brand doesn't mean you're going to need:

❎ A list of specific items

❎ A massive budget

❎ To wait for your body to reach it's perfect size and weight

You'll simply need:

✅  A pen

✅ A post-it note

…And 5 Words


With The 5-Word Style Manifesto you'll learn how to:


Elevate & empower yourself daily with your choice of outfit.

The 5-Word Manifesto will help you discover your unique signature style in 5 words that express and communicate you as an individual and your business vision. Not just a way of dressing to up-level your appearance, but one that acts a wrapper of self-care for increasing your confidence, courage and self belief as a successful business owner.


Use clothes that tells your story.

A huge piece of the personal branding puzzle is communicating who you are and your values. The 5-Word Style Manifesto shows you how to use your signature style to effectively engage with your audience and tell the narrative of your personality and all that you stand for.


Dress for your next level of success.

Using the accompanying Style Goals Worksheet, The 5-Word Style Manifesto's most unique magic is that it allows your newfound signature style to bring the vision you hold for you and your business into the present by 'wearing' your future self right now.


Hi. I'm Clare (AKA Miss Dress)...

Having worked as celebrity fashion stylist and running Miss Dress personal styling service back in London, I made the profound discovery after moving to Ibiza, (yep, that's my local beach bar in the background:) to stop wearing outfits for outfit's sake.

I starting thinking consciously about 5 exact words I wanted my style to express and communicate about me as an individual and my business vision. Not only did it massively increase my confidence and give my audience clarity, but the focused intention behind the way I dressed also accelerated my goals coming to me.

I called this discovery The 5-Word Style Manifesto: A declaration of intent for creating the foundation to a signature style that increases your success.

Using the 5-Word Style Manifesto to discover your signature style won't just be a tool for helping you up-level your business, it'll become your magnet for attracting ALL that you desire.


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Want to see other women using the 5-Word Style first?

To find out more about how The 5-Word Style Manifesto works (and see how other women are dressing using their Manifesto to style up their lives), join the 1000+ ladies inside The {free} Miss Dress Facebook Community.