Download your {FREE} video styling session & worksheet to learn the exact method I created for helping you find your unique signature style that intentionally attracts the lifestyle, income & impact YOU desire.

Intentional desires this method have helped me attract include:
 Creating a highly profitable online business, Moving from London to Ibiza, Becoming a mother.

To create your unique signature style you DON'T need:

 ❎ A list of specific items

 ❎ A massive budget

 ❎ Wait for your body to reach it's perfect size and weight


To find your unique signature style you simply need:

✅  A pen

✅ A post-it note

…And 5 Words


Hi I’m Clare, (A.K.A Miss Dress) and I help driven women just like you, discover your unique signature style that matches and attracts the life you want to lead.

The 5-Word Style Manifesto is my revolutionary creation for helping you find a personal signature style that empowers and inspires you daily.

I'm not talking about a signature style where you dress a specific uniform way. I'm not even talking about a list of specific clothes and accessories you need to have. I'm talking about creating a personal style from 5 words that hold the power to elevate your confidence, courage and self belief about who you are and where you are going.

A way of dressing that is so YOU.

What you wear is the ULTIMATE way to ignite the life you really want to lead, so when I help you figure out which 5 words you want to visually express and communicate about yourself; (your characteristics and your goals), you don't just start taking control of the message you send out to people, but your outfits then result in being the inspired action to make you show up for all other areas of your life in a much more powerful way.


The 5-Word Style Manifesto helps you decipher the 5 key words you want ALL your outfits to speak to the world about who you are and the woman you are becoming.


So you ready to find your unique signature style that won't just make you look good but actually work to OPEN DOORS?


Here's a recap of what you'll receive when you grab your {free} video styling session:-

✔️ A video styling lesson with me helping you create your 5-Word Style Manifesto.

✔️ Your Style Manifesto Worksheet (KEY for helping you get crystal clear on your vision for how you see yourself in the future).

✔️ Style advice on how to immediately implement your newfound signature style to your current wardrobe (regardless of how big or small it is).

 ✔️ BONUS tips on how to become a more mindful, economical and sustainable shopper that actually SAVES you money as well as being kinder to the environment.

  If you're done with not feeling entirely happy with the way you currently dress , the time is NOW to create a signature style that elevates your mindset and holds the power to visualise and realise what you really want.


 You Ready?